>Where’s Robin Meade? I’ll be back in my chair Tuesday

>Good morning. Robin is on assignment. Natasha Curry is in the driver’s seat.

Another air traffic controller has fallen asleep. Why does this keep happening? We’ll tell you about a work shift that’s so tough, the folks who do it call it “the rattler.”

And we are following the tragic aftermath of the monster storms that swept through the Southeast. You’ll hear from a woman who lost several members of her family. And see new, incredible video of the destruction. All told, 40 people died over the weekend.

Rescue teams are digging more than a mile underground to try to save a 53-year-old Idaho man after a cave-in at a mine. There’s fear of another collapse.

You’ll follow a robot for the first look inside one of Japan’s earthquake-damaged nuclear reactors. And now we have a pretty good idea just how long it’s going to take to bring the crisis under control.

You may know the inspiring story of the man who says he fought to bring education for girls to remote Afghanistan and Pakistan. But is it true? People are lining up to slam the book “Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Fight Terrorism and Build Nations … One School at a Time”

Nic Cage reportedly went on a drunken tear this weekend. Cops hauled him downtown. And guess who had to bail him out? Dog, the bounty hunter… postal rates going up again…. and an incredibly close finish at Talladega. If we didn’t slow-mo the final seconds, you’d swear you couldn’t tell.

>Feature your mom on TV for mother’s day

>Good morning. Robin is off today. Natasha Curry has the wheel.

Salute to Mothers
Salute your Mom on Morning Express with Robin Meade! May 8th (Mother’s Day) is closer than you think! Put your mom on TV for Mother’s Day! We’ll be saluting Moms all week starting May 2nd. CLICK HERE for all the details you need to know!

You may be buying meat that can make you dangerously sick. A new study has found alarming levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in meat and poultry in stores all across the country. We’re looking at just how bad it is and what you need to do to stay safe.

Rough weather is a major story today. The Midwest just got hammered. At least two people have been killed by storms that left a trail of smashed homes, cars and downed power lines. Now they’re heading east.

A big shakeup on daytime TV. ABC is canceling two soaps that have been around for 40 years. Who’s leaving… and why… And what’s taking their places.

Did you hear the rumor about Zsa Zsa having a baby? We’ll tell you what’s really going on here.

Ford is recalling more than a million F-150 trucks to fix a problem that might cause your airbag to deploy. Which vehicles are affected and what you need to do if you see a warning light on your dashboard.


A new Chicago restaurant doesn’t take reservations. It sells tickets. You pay, regardless of whether you eat…. Georgia lawmakers just passed one of the toughest immigration laws in the country. Will the governor sign? The FAA official in charge of air traffic control has resigned after another controller was found sleeping on the job… and a teenager who lost his hand in a construction accident, now has a new prosthetic one…. just in time for prom.

>More traffic controllers snoozin’ on the job!

>Oh geez.
It’s happened again.
For the 6th time this year, an air traffic controller has been caught asleep on the job.
And somebody was trying to land with a sick person on board!
Check out the new rules in place as of last night.
We want to hear your views on this story… sound off on Facebook , Tweet me @RobinMeade or shoot us an email (morningexpress@cnn.com). The links to all those ways to be heard are on our main webpage: cnn.com/Robin.
Hey heads up for our viewers in Tornado Alley.
Unfortunately it could live up to its name today.
Bob says some storms will be developing while you are watching us. But he says the real fireworks will come later today for OK, AR, KS. Large hail too.
Another reason to drop a few pounds – it could help your brain.
President Obama makes his case to cut the budget – and his critics fire back. (Meanwhile, VP Biden seemed a little less interested – did he catch a nap during the prez’s speech!?) Heeee heeee.
Stop me if you’ve heard this before:
ANOTHER toddler served alcohol
Barry Bonds found guilty on one count – the jury was hung on three others. What’s next? Jail maybe?
Job openings are up!
they were at their highest level in more than two years.
jen’s got the details on what that really means if you’re looking for work.

>TSA pats down a 6-year-old. Ludicrous or safety first?

>Let’s make Wednesday your best day of the week yet.
Not a bad way to come out of the block, eh?
When you tune in this morning:
An internet video shows the TSA patting down a tiny little girl.
It’s caused an uproar, and raises questions about whether the TSA has a one-size-fits-all policy.
Ludicrous to pat down a 6-year-old?
Or safety first?

See the vid on the show, sound off here: cnn.com/robin, get the links to email us, Facebook us or tweet me @robinmeade on Twitter.
No more little flip cams?!
Call it the side effect of smartphones that do everything except cook your dinner. Jennifer has more on the flip cam fade-away.
Teens who are constantly plugged into music may be plugging into depression, if you believe some new info out this morning.
(Personally, couldn’t it go both ways, depending on what you’re listening too?) See what you think of this.
Baseball season is providing a welcome distraction and entertainment in Japan, about a month after its terrible quake and tsunami.
Joe Carter has more on that.
Check out a new smartphone with TWO screens. You’ll see it here.
Bob has these important points in weather today:
There’s a rainmaker for VA, PA, MD, the Northeast.
And flood warnings in the upper Midwest.
What are the top 10 royal wedding souvenirs?
Some are what you’d expect, like an official wedding coin, or china.
But check out the unusual items on the list.

Speaking of the Royal Wedding… are you following “Real Housewife of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Vanderpump on Twitter (@lisavanderpump) ? She’s HLN’s special Royal Wedding contributor so you’ll be seeing a lot of her.

>Fukushima = Chernobyl

>Morning! I see your hair had a party after you went to bed.

Glad to see you are part of today’s early club.

On the show today…
How frightening: ANOTHER new quake in Japan this morning.
But it’s the LOCATION that’s unnerving.
That comes just a short time after we learned this:
The level of the nuclear threat is on par with the 1986 Chernobyl catastrophe. What’s that mean in terms of health and safety?
You gotta see this video!
Planes collide at JFK airport while taxiing.
And we happened to have a reporter on board. Hear his description of what happened.
Twilight fans:
Watch out for the Twilight Facebook scam today.
You’ll see a scam advertising a fake game based on the upcoming movie “Twilight: Breaking Dawn.”
Watch for the deets in the show.
This ain’t apple juice.
We have reax this morning after a toddler was accidentally served alcohol in a sippy cup at an Applebee’s in Michigan!
Mom says the toddler was saying hi and bye to the walls.
What happened and what the restaurant is saying…
Letting your partners eyes wander could be good for your relationship? Say what?!

>Major storms in Texas and Iowa and Wisconsin

>Good morning… hope you had a good weekend.

For many of your fellow viewers in Wisconsin, it was anything but a good weekend.
Tune in today for video after storms damaged or destroyed 25 homes.
You’ll learn more than just the numbers. See the people of the story and where the circumstances have left them today.
Also in the news today:

Parenting impacts your health!
You’d think all the running around chasing after little ones and taking care of them would take care of this:
But apparently we hate to see the leftover chicken nuggets and grilled cheese go to waste!
And our waists show it.
Have you heard of the South African golfer who won the Masters?
He did it after an unbelievable number of players were still seriously in the running on the final day!
Gas prices. Ouch. They’re eyeing that painful mark of $4 a gallon.
1 month later and Japan still can’t catch a break. A magnitude 7.1 quake hit the country’s northeastern coast TODAY.
And there are new evacuations from the area around the damaged nuclear plant.
So that’s on the show today.

I gotta tell ya, I left my blackberry in a car, and haven’t had it all weekend. Feeling Twitter withdrawals. Ha! Crossing my fingers that I get the blackberry back.

>Never say, "Don’t you know who I am?"

>Hi there. Welcome to a brand new day, a brand new friday!
In the news:
No agreement yet to get a budget done for the federal government.
Oh! But looky here:
While military and federal workers might see a stop in paychecks…..
GUESS WHO WILL STILL GET PAID, even though they can’t seem to get their act together.
Eek where’s the marker to write “THIS ONE”?!
Hospitals could be making a lot more mistakes than previously thought –
What are YOU paying at the pump?
(Oil prices are up… gas prices too)
Go to our facebook page and see how you compare with your fellow viewers.
“Don’t you know who I am?” …is usually a statement followed by repulsive behavior. And that’s the allegation against Lebron James’ mom, now in trouble with the law.
We are learning who prince william and kate middleton PLAN TO LIVE WITH after they get hitched!
“I don’t need this. Ill take three!”
Check out how stores situate products to make you buy more more MORE!
Maybe if you know about it, you won’t unwittingly buy what you don’t need.

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