>My best selling book is out in paperback

>If you didn’t get my New York Times bestseller when it was first out, now comes the paperback! 
Preorder it now here: http://amzn.to/ecaII5 to claim your copy before it hits store shelves! (please?)

A BAD WEATHER DAY is expected for many of your fellow viewers.
We expect tornado warnings and watches DURING the show this morning in high risk areas.
As I write, the advisories are currently in MS, AL, TN, KY.
PlayStation alert.
Sony says hackers may now have your personal info if you are one of the 70 million subscribers on its PlayStation network.
Tune in to see what you can do now to protect yourself.
Lindsay Lohan, on The Tonight Show, says she’s taking responsibility for what she’s done.
I kinda like what some would say are her high goals for the future.
The royal wedding rehearsal—we’ve got a sneak peek.
Despite new rules, banks are still making a ton of money off you in fees.
We now know who will be the NEW VOICE of the Aflac duck.
You will meet the man and hear his quack.

>Behind the scenes with Sanjay Gupta and me: I explain my backside


At your doc’s office you may have seen CNN Chief Medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta & I doing segments together on the “Accent Health” channel. Well, if smiles are medicine, you should see what a pill it can be behind the scenes! See what happens in between takes here.

Dr. Gupta explores why I’m taller sitting down than when I am standing up. 

I sure do giggle a lot don’t I? I seem to have had the giggles when this was shot.


>Deadly Storms in Arkansas

On our show today:
Here we go again.
Spring storms turn deadly.
And right now they are chuggin’ through KY, TN, MS, and LA, according to Bob.
One town in Missouri is fearing its levee will break… so it’s chasing everyone out of town.
New this morning:
Plug-in cars are getting a jolt of approval. Check out their safety test results.
Here’s an idea – controlled napping – for air traffic controllers.
For real?
That’s after ANOTHER air traffic controller is fired for sleeping on the job.
The NFL might be one step closer to playing football.
See what a judge’s ruling means for your fave football team.
Want to share something with just a few of your Facebook friends – there’s a new button on Facebook for that.
You may be surprised at the biggest concern for royal wedding security.
You’ll be shelling out more at the grocery store.
Which items will cost you more? (think paper and plastic products)

>Is that chocolate I smell on your morning breath?

>Hey there! After Easter candy all weekend, this may be your favorite story too:

Scanners that tell you your dress size… coming to a store near you! Keep reading. (Even Jen on maternity leave emailed that this is awesome.)
First, hope you had a good weekend and time with family.
Today’s weather could be just as potentially dangerous as weekend storms were in places like Missouri and Texas.
If you didn’t watch TV over the weekend, you may not have gotten a look at the damage storms did to the AIRPORT TERMINAL in St. Louis.
Now we know why it was so devastating:
The winds were as strong as you’d get in a Cat 5 hurricane!

Bob’s all over it to tell us who’s in the danger zone today.
Eating fast food without ruining your diet is getting easier:
Check out a list of the healthiest fast food chains. Look under “Express Links” on cnn.com/Robin.
We’ve learned Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords will attend her husband’s liftoff into space.
See what part of physical rehab she is working on now.
The Royal Wedding is 4 days away.
We’ll take you live to London this morning to look at everything from the trinkets to the newly-released guest list.
Obese kids engage in risky behavior.
This is an eye-opening find that begs the question, why? So we scour the findings for that.
Hide your kids, hide your wife.
Hide your marijuana?

One of the most famous stars of a viral video is highly visible again… for legal reasons.
Check out the Airport-like scanner coming to malls. It will tell women their clothing size… which differs from store to store!
Mommy likey.
(Except if other people can peer over your shoulder while your size is divulged)
Hey!My New York Times best-selling book is coming out again, this time in paperback on May 25. But you can pre-order “Morning Sunshine! How to Radiate Confidence and Feel It Too” now here: Amazon.com

>Thanks for all the wonderful birthday greetings!

>Made it thru my birthday with a minimum of long-lasting damages. Thanks to everybody who wished me a Happy Birthday on the facebook page.
Good morning and Good Friday to everyone who will be celebrating Easter this weekend!
If you’re traveling for the holiday weekend, You’re paying about a dollar more a gallon for gas than you were a year ago But listen to this:
The govt. is stepping in to make sure you’re not getting ripped off.
How have you had to adjust to rising gas prices? Their impact on your life?
Go to cnn.com/robin to link to our facebook page, or email (morningexpress@cnn.com), or you can just tweet me right now… @robinmeade on twitter.
Beyond the jarring sounds of that:
see what impact that viewing by the jurors, will likely have on the trial of michael jackson’s doctor.
In addition to Good Friday.
Did you also realize it’s earth day?
Honey people are loading you up with freebies!
Check out the list here.
You want fries with that?
fewer people are saying yes!
Charlie Sheen went to college yesterday.
He didn’t hit the books.
But he did hit something else.
Alrighty! Shall we see each other for our usual appointment? ON TV, jammy-wearing-gem, you.

>FAA Screws up another flight – with Michelle Obama’s plane

>Morning, Sunshine!

Another close call in the air – this one involving the First Lady.
Michelle Obama’s plane had to abort its landing because it got too close to a military cargo plane. Her plane was three miles from the other one, when it should have been five miles away.

Hello? FAA? Is anybody home?
A grim anniversary…
1 year ago today the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, killing 11 people.
We’ll hear from the father of one of the men killed about who he thinks is to blame and what he thinks should be done.
Plus we’ll look at the condition of the Gulf of Mexico 1 year later.
We want to hear from you too… what do you see when you look back at the disaster, and when you look ahead at the Gulf? Facebook, email morningexpress@cnn.com or tweet @RobinMeade
You’ll soon get more money if you’re bumped from a flight.
That’s part of the new passenger bill of rights that goes into effect in a few months.
The new NFL schedule is out, but will they even play?
You might have a trust fund… and not even know it.
A new study says a majority of parents with more than $3 million haven’t told their kids about it.
Come on Mom & Dad – tell me now!
Who says “I love you” first in a relationship?
We’ll tell you who and why.

>I’m back! And rarin’ to go – but maybe not by air and NO I don’t smoke.

>It’s good to be back!
We have lots of stuff going on this morning…

First of all, I don’t smoke…

No way. Never have. RT @FT3482: @RobinMeade stumbled upon vid that claimed U were a smoker Is this true? My guess would be NO WAY! about 15 hours ago

Here’s the video everybody’s seeing… and think about it folks, CNN would allow smoking inside the building? No.

Another problem at air traffic control leads to 2 more suspensions. The controllers weren’t sleeping, but they weren’t working either. We’ve got the details.
More severe weather is coming this afternoon.
Today’s target is smack dab in the middle of the country. Bob’s got the latest on that.
Charlie Sheen’s $100 million lawsuit against his former bosses starts today.
Sniffling, sneezing, runny eyes – where springtime allergies are hitting you the hardest.
McDonald’s is supersizing its hiring today. 50,000 jobs are up for grabs.
A major league pitcher who got a $2 million signing bonus is accused of shoplifting a few shirts worth about 60-bucks. What?
Airline prices are going up for summer travel.
How accurate are the expiration dates on your food? Turns out there may be a little more wiggle room than we thought – under the right conditions.

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