NFL Lockout Could End Today

Hey team! Hope you got some rest over the weekend. All who can’t get to sleep on sunday nights raise your hand.
In the news:
Hear some parts of a manifesto which may be from the suspect in norway’s terror attacks.
He’s accused of killing at least 93 people in Friday’s bombing and shooting spree.
NFL Talks- Could today be the day the NFL lockout ends? The players could vote today to end it.
What a sad loss of such a superb vocalist:
The autopsy on Amy Winehouse may be done today.
See what friends and fans are saying about her final days, drug problems, and her performances.

Such a sad club in which to have membership: see what other legends of music never made it past their 27th year.
Warren Jeffs – today the trial of the polygamous sect leader begins.
Going Offline-
How difficult would it be for you to not go online?
About as difficult as giving up tobacco for some!
Stocks could be ugly today because of no debt deal Dow could open with triple-digit losses this morning.
Dow futures were down 116 points at 3:30am eastern.
Tune in for more on that.
I’m chomping at the bit to share my debut album with you. Brand new day is available exclusively at target stores near the gift wrap and greeting cards, or itunes.
Let your own star rise and shine by writing and performing a theme song for this show. Send it in via ireport. You could win a professional recording session, round trip to atlanta and more!
Read the official rules at

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