>The Kiss – it was double smooch

>Did Wills give Kate the “alfalfa” kiss?

Have you seen the dress yet?

Then you had better jump right up and turn to our show. Because honey we will be doing the royal wedding, but Morning Express style. (Meaning we understand it’s the big story today, but it’s not the only story impacting you. We’ll quickly visit those too during the wedding and afterward.)
In terms of the wedding.
Brand new this morning: We now know what title the queen has chosen for the royal couple. And it’s not princess of this or that for Kate!
We are joined today by the British member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Lisa Vanderpump! (Wonder if she is bringing her doggie?) She not only has a great insight on British pomp and pageantry, but also the royals.
In fact, well ask her what Fergie said about not being invited when the 2 of them had lunch recently.
Have you checked out the crowds… and the HATS on the ladies in the church? Bring on the fascinators as they are called!
You will see THE KISS on our air when it happens live.
Also….tell us and show us your wedding viewing party if you are having or attending one. Or email/tweet/facebook your thoughts as you are watching.
cnn.com/robin or tweet me @robinmeade on twitter.
Uh-oh! You should see some of the photos and best and worst moments your fellow viewers sent in about their own nuptials. That too is something you’ll only see here.
So… while we show the wedding continuously, we will also stay on top of important news of the day, like the devastating storms that swept through this country this week.
Come watch the wedding and news with your BFFs.
6am til noon eastern.

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