>Is that chocolate I smell on your morning breath?

>Hey there! After Easter candy all weekend, this may be your favorite story too:

Scanners that tell you your dress size… coming to a store near you! Keep reading. (Even Jen on maternity leave emailed that this is awesome.)
First, hope you had a good weekend and time with family.
Today’s weather could be just as potentially dangerous as weekend storms were in places like Missouri and Texas.
If you didn’t watch TV over the weekend, you may not have gotten a look at the damage storms did to the AIRPORT TERMINAL in St. Louis.
Now we know why it was so devastating:
The winds were as strong as you’d get in a Cat 5 hurricane!

Bob’s all over it to tell us who’s in the danger zone today.
Eating fast food without ruining your diet is getting easier:
Check out a list of the healthiest fast food chains. Look under “Express Links” on cnn.com/Robin.
We’ve learned Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords will attend her husband’s liftoff into space.
See what part of physical rehab she is working on now.
The Royal Wedding is 4 days away.
We’ll take you live to London this morning to look at everything from the trinkets to the newly-released guest list.
Obese kids engage in risky behavior.
This is an eye-opening find that begs the question, why? So we scour the findings for that.
Hide your kids, hide your wife.
Hide your marijuana?

One of the most famous stars of a viral video is highly visible again… for legal reasons.
Check out the Airport-like scanner coming to malls. It will tell women their clothing size… which differs from store to store!
Mommy likey.
(Except if other people can peer over your shoulder while your size is divulged)
Hey!My New York Times best-selling book is coming out again, this time in paperback on May 25. But you can pre-order “Morning Sunshine! How to Radiate Confidence and Feel It Too” now here: Amazon.com

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