>Thanks for all the wonderful birthday greetings!

>Made it thru my birthday with a minimum of long-lasting damages. Thanks to everybody who wished me a Happy Birthday on the facebook page.
Good morning and Good Friday to everyone who will be celebrating Easter this weekend!
If you’re traveling for the holiday weekend, You’re paying about a dollar more a gallon for gas than you were a year ago But listen to this:
The govt. is stepping in to make sure you’re not getting ripped off.
How have you had to adjust to rising gas prices? Their impact on your life?
Go to cnn.com/robin to link to our facebook page, or email (morningexpress@cnn.com), or you can just tweet me right now… @robinmeade on twitter.
Beyond the jarring sounds of that:
see what impact that viewing by the jurors, will likely have on the trial of michael jackson’s doctor.
In addition to Good Friday.
Did you also realize it’s earth day?
Honey people are loading you up with freebies!
Check out the list here.
You want fries with that?
fewer people are saying yes!
Charlie Sheen went to college yesterday.
He didn’t hit the books.
But he did hit something else.
Alrighty! Shall we see each other for our usual appointment? ON TV, jammy-wearing-gem, you.

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